Friday, November 9, 2007


Well another day. I have had sick children all week. Poor little mites. Three out of four home from school. One returned today. The other two still not well. I also had a sick hubby home yesterday. They are all on the mend though.

I have included a pic of two softie dolls I made. They are Polly softies. I will have to borrow the book again so I can give credit to the designer. They were so much fun to make. I have the bug as I am going to make two more. One for each child. Isn't is funny how kids can be. My eldest is 15 and 11 months ( as he keeps reminding us all) and still likes me to make him things. Teenagers.......I will never understand them.........I don't even think I understood them when I was one

Have a lovely day all

A Jules

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Coryn said...

The Softies Book is awesome isn't it, and an Australian publication too! I have always wanted to make Albert the monkey.

You have done lovely work on the faces-your embroidery is tops. This pattern is a great one for kids learning to sew also.