Saturday, February 23, 2008

Stepping out of the boat

Well I had the best day today. I attended the 'Stitching Summer Memories' workshop. I drove there all by myself and for those who know me well know that I am not a confident driver. I also had to find the venue on my own so with the help of the good Lord above I had a safe trip there and found the venue with ease.

I am also very shy and entered the room all alone. Instantly I felt at home. Everyone was so warm and welcoming. Thanks to Lynne of Cranberry Crafts for hosting this workshop and for letting me know about it.

Our goodie bags were like finding treasure. The ooh's and ahh's around the room were witness to the wonderful items we received.

These are little samples and a pattern and material to make a draw string pouch.

These are patterns from Brenda Ryan and I purchased some gorgeous hand dyed stranded cotton made by Mini -Blessings, Jo-Ann Johnson. Brenda was there to help us out and demonstrate her iron on transfers. Brenda also taught me a new stitch. Thanks so much Brenda. Her embroidery is incredibly beautiful.

These three patterns are from Kerry Gillespie a very quiet gentle lady. I didn't have time to chat with her unfortunately but she made her way round the tables to help out. I can't wait to make her dolls.

These patterns were given to us by Christine Book. Amazing. I am a shy person but when Christine is around she makes conversation so easy. So bubbly and cheerful, full of joy. Thank you Christine for a fabulous day. I learnt so much from you.

Well there you have it, the longest and most exciting post I have done. I am going to another one of these workshops. I met so many wonderful and very talented ladies. Thank you to all of you for a wonderful day.



Karen Bennet said...

I am so happy for you. It's wonderful when you come home so full of enthusiam and new inspiration. I love your blog too.

Teresa said...

Congratulations for taking that step. I used to be extremely shy and had difficulty going into any situation where I would be among people I didn't know. Having quilting friends has helped me tremendously overcome a lot of that shyness and gain confidence.

I love your little boy quilt.

stella said...
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Chelle said...

Hi again!! I just added you to my blog links too so yes please add me too! I never ask when I add someone :D I just add them to my blog links so I can find their blog easier when I go blog reading! I enjoy your blog too!

Jenny said...

I like the new look.