Thursday, March 20, 2008

confucious or Aussie slang??????

My friend and I were talking today about the things adults used to say when we were kids. She remembers the saying 'acting like a pork chop' and used to wonder how a pork chop acted???????
I remember hearing my nan telling my mother "You are going through the change of life darling." As a 6 year old I really didn't want my mother to change and watched her carefully for any sign of difference, which I was ever so pleased nothing
The other one I remember hearing at a young age was "Your fathers the bread winner around here." What????? Did he win bread?????
And have you ever been told to move out of the way, your fathers not a glass maker...........?????? I was a very confused
Have you ever wondered how these sayings ever came about????????

A very blessed Easter to you all.


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