Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Well it has been nine days since I last blogged. I have been busy though. Unfortunately for two of those days I was flattened by a migraine. For those of you who suffer from them know just how debilitating they are. I am back on my feet now and have lots to show you.

The first item is an apron for my mum for Easter. It is so bright and has lemons all over it. The photo doesn't do it any justice. She will love it. I added black lace just to give her a laugh. (supposed to be white) Why cant she look a little sassy whilst cooking.............lol. The pattern is from 'Hand made' mag, volume 25 no. 5. They have a section on vintage aprons.

This little skirt is a so quick and easy to whip up. It was a free pattern off the net but I can't find the link to it. I will keep trying later. Little one loves it of course. I am making her skirts and pinafores for winter as she doesn't like wearing trousers.

Another pinafore for little one. The daisy chain is a pretty mint green but it doesn't show well in the photo. My photography was bad this week. Sorry.

Lastly I have added these photos of a couple of visitors who came and feasted on the greengages. There was a red one too but he was very good at hiding. They were so lovely and stayed for ages while the kids played around them. They didn't seem bothered by the noise of the kids at all.

Well that's it. I am still working on my cot quilt. I have stippled two sides already. It is funny. My hubby laughs cause I get a real swing up while I am doing it. I can't sit still, I have to sway with the pattern.......lol. I should put some music on so at least I would look like I am dancing. It is not too bad for my first attempt. I am pleased with the progress and that's all that matters.

Off to visit the Easter Bunny now. Not many more sleeps to go.

Take care all


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Rose said...

Hope your feeling better sweetie, those migraines can be painful!! Glad to see you blogging again!!
Hugs xxx