Friday, November 7, 2008

YAY!!!! I did it!!!!

Those of you who know me, know I make dolls who then sit in my cupboard bald. I have trouble with But today I decided to be brave and attempt the hair on my 2nd waldorf doll. I am very pleased with it and she is too. Now she just needs a nice outfit and a name. Hmmmm.

I also decided to join the 'Noah's Ark" block of the month. I have done four so far.

Now its off to drum lessons...........for my son not me



Jo in Tas said...

You did a good job with the hair!
Lynette should be posting the next Noah's Arc block any day now

Rose said...

I think she looks like an Emily or a Rachel!! Great job!!

Sarah said...

Hey Jules!
Once a dolly has hair I think that is when she gets her personality!!
x sarah
PS: Your LA blocks looks great