Monday, March 16, 2009

block three

'ere tis

We went to Evandale on the long weekend to the market and to the grave yards. Hubby wants to research his family tree on his fathers side. We found a couple of graves. The kids really enjoyed the day. We had to wait for Hub while he went to the information centre so the kids played in the leaves. They are very good at entertaining themselves. They very rarely complain about being bored.

Happy crafting.



Catherine said...

Hi Jules, Your Breast Friends blocks are looking wonderful...Well Done!! Cathy

Lenna said...

Hi Jules,
Seems like you had a wonderful day. Isn't Evendale a lovely little town, I just adore it. Find anything at the markets? I journey up to the markeTs once in a while but have not done so for a while.

Sarah said...

WOW!! Your BOF blocks look fantastic!! Have you started the last one out yet?? I have only done the first :( Will post a pic soon
x Sarah