Thursday, July 30, 2009

there were 5 in the bed...................

and the little one said.........................cough, cough, splatter,

5 down, 1 to go. 5 of us have had the flu over the past 10 days. We have never been so ill.

Any way, enough complaining.

10 days ago I had the pleasure of attending my niece inlaw's baby shower. I haven't been to a baby shower in years. It was so much fun. There were four young pregnant women there at different stages. Of course I had to touch all their bellies and say hi to the bubba's. I am sure I must freak some mums out but I just can't help
I only had three days to come up with some gifts for our 'mum to be', as my invitation got lost in the mail. Typical Australia Post. Luckily I was chatting to my sister who asked if I was going or I would not have known about Here are the items I made her.

Little one made the card.

snoodle doll

huge bag
burp cloths

On Wednesday when Little one was feeling better, she decided to make the doll I bought for her on her birthday last month. She only needed a bit of my help, sewing around curves and cutting the pattern. She did the rest.
Gather your supplies

start sewing
Stitch a beautiful face and stuff the doll




Jo in TAS said...

Love Ruby's face and those long locks, well done Little One!
You certainly whipped up some pressies for the mum-to-be very quickly, they look good!

Fiona said...

All of the gifts look lovely Jules - I made my Sammy some burp clothes and that have been washed and washed - She loves them - The dolly is goreous - It is lovely to see your daughters sew isn't it?

Maree said...

Well done on the Doll Little are a very good sewer...keep it up.

Rose said...

Im glad that you are all better cause then I get my Jules days!!!
Love the baby shower gifts and Charlie you have done a fantastic job with Ruby, she is adorable!!!

Sarah said...

Oh dear.... I hope the cold didnt last that long Jules!
Lovely gifts for the baby shower, and whipped up so quick..... I bet she loved them!
And look at Ruby! What a great jobe Charlie did on her... she must be so proud! Good job girl xx
How are you going with your BOF??
x Sarah