Sunday, September 20, 2009

blog block

Heard of 'writers block'?, well I guess I have had 'Blog block'

The last few months have been a wee bit of a roller coaster with sickness with the family and myself, a couple of deaths, a marriage breakdown (not mine) and on the positive side, a new baby. On the 2nd of September my new great nephew arrived. I had to wait until he was 9 days old to see him because of my bugs. It was worth the wait though. He is so beautiful............

This is Thomas.

Little one also had her dancing comps at the beginning of September. She did her very first jazz dance on stage. I was so proud of her. She danced to Strawberry Kisses.

Yep...I made the costume. I really am enjoying the costume making now. Not as scary as I first thought.
Well that's it for now


Isabella said...

Jules they both look lovely and way to go with the costumes looks good

Pauline said...

lol about a mini in you...thats uncanny...rofl cute !! glad you are all on the mend and getting well...