Monday, March 15, 2010

Taking a different path

Life has been busy for me lately but it has not included a whole lot of craft at all. I sewed these bibs a couple of weeks ago and the little slippers I made on the weekend. The pattern for the slippers can be found at It is a free pattern. Thank you Joanna Armour . There have been a number of babies either born or still to arrive, around me lately so I have been making bibs, burp cloths and now slippers to give as gifts. The two bibs here are for Tommy Turtle, my favourite baby. The slippers are for a little girl yet to arrive.

This is a quilt in the making for the little girl yet to arrive, I have until the end of June to finish it.

And I thought I would throw this in. Of course another lovely cake made by Steven. He made it for a female friend at school. She was very impressed. He is making a hephalump next for another friend at school. I will post a pic when the time comes.
Well thats it from me for a while again I should imagine.

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Vickie said...

oh hello you nice to see you post..oh I wish you all the best with your knee...sounds like youhave been busy too ..cheeers Vickie