Sunday, February 10, 2008

Back to school

Well the weekend was all about the boring bits of getting ready for a new school year. Saturday was housework day then checking off the school list. We packed the books and hats into the school bags, made sure uniforms still fit and sorted through smocks until the right one was found. The kids dislike this part as much as I do so after that was lots of mucking around together outside.

Sunday started out early in the garden. Hubby found an inchmans nest and got bitten twice. So we had to abandon that until the ant poison started to work. Then after a coffee it was back into it again. Number three son helped out. He loves gardening and really is a huge help. You know how some kids just get in the way but you have to pretend you are greatful? well not with Cam. He is very good at it and never gives up. We have to drag him inside to have a

This afternoon was a muffin baking time and then they were individually wrapped and put into the freezer for lunches............I really don't want them to go back. Perhaps I could home school them..........hmmmm rethink..........I don't think so. My hat goes off to those who home school. I would kill my kids if they were under my feet all the Not really .....But I couldn't do it. I do love the holidays though. No routine and lots of togetherness and relaxation. I wouldn't be disciplined enought to teach them, and they know it.

I finished off with chicken kiev for dinner and ice cream for dessert. Now bath and bed.......I just don't want to think about tomorrow..........


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