Friday, February 8, 2008

Craft day


A day spent doing craft. Charlie made her own paper with pink food die. She had red hands for a couple of days. Quite funny.


I finished off block 12 of the quilt a long. Now I have to decide on the sashing. I made these blocks from my scraps of old country fabrics to use them up. My tastes have changed and rather than let the fabrics stay hidden in a dark closet, I am using them up in the quilt a long to practise my piecing. I have never made a pieced quilt before. Any suggests on sashing colour? Unfortunately I will have to buy new fabric for that.


I took the kids to a place called Kids Paradise. There are jumping castles, Pirate ship, water world, play market, salon and treasure Island. They had a ball. I took a heap of photos.


I made a doll quilt and pillow for a little girls birthday. I made them in colours to match her room.


Went to kids Paradise for the birthday party of the little girl.

This has been the last week of school holidays. I don't want them to go back to school. I have really enjoyed having them home this time. The last twelve months have been very trying for our family but now things are looking up and we had the best time together in a long time. I am very greatful for that.

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amandajean said...

your quilt blocks look lovely! I can't wait to see how you put all the blocks together.