Sunday, March 2, 2008

Beautiful Sunday

Being a child born in the late 60's, I was brought up on 60's and 70's music which I still love and enjoy. One particular song I remember my mum blasting through the house was 'Beautiful Sunday' by Daniel Boone. I loved that song and knew all the words quite young. Today was a 'Beautiful Sunday' the second day of autumn.

All 6 of us got out into the yard for a huge clean up. We had been blessed this year with a fantastic abundance of fruit, which of course is just about over. We raked up the greengages and put them into a box, provided bags and put them out the front for anyone to help themselves. Of course they didn't last long. It was lovely to see people stopping to collect some.

Then it was inside for lunch and then a baking afternoon with lots of helpers. We baked caramel slice, bread, banana choc chip muffins and chocolate balls. Oh, and jelly for dessert. The house smelt so yummy. That should keep the school lunches looking interesting for a week.

I need to cook dinner and am quite exhausted from todays workings so I am thinking an easy chicken cabonara would go down well.

Thank you my little helpers for your very hard work today.

Right off the subject now. I bought these gorgeous fabrics from the states. 'The poetry collection' and don't know what style of quilt I want to do. Any suggestions????

Till next time



Jenny said...

Very pretty fabrics.

Karen Bennet said...

You realise I'm going to have the words to 'Beautiful Sunday' going around in my head all day, don't you LOL? What a beautiful, restful place you have.

Hugs Karen