Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thirsty Thursday

I named this post 'Thirsty Thursday' only because I drank soooo much coffee today I don't think I will be thirsty for another week. I visited with Rose today under the impression we would be working but sat all day chatting with never ending coffee cups. Thanks Rose for showing me stippling, meandering and that other I had a lovely day really. We both just needed to breath today.



Rose said...

Hi hun,
I just been catching up on the posts Ive missed (got you on bloglines now!!! lol)
Thank you so much for the breather today, the rest of the day was much of the same.....but i need it!!!!
And thanks for the coffee pot....your a friend who knows what I need!!!
Ok, I love the Boy quilt.....that shading is great.....Kelso and Marshall are so cute!!! and that caramel slice is yummmmmmmmmmmmy!!!! lol Ohhhh and how Id love to play with that Poetry heads a buzz with ideas!!!
Hugs xxx

Karen Bennet said...

Hi Jules

I'd love to see your stippling after so much coffee LOL. Maybe I need to try more caffiene next time. I love your vegies, did you grow them yourself?