Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Summer Days

Not enough hours in a day and now they are about to get shorter. Where have the lazy days of summer gone???? I want them back. My days are filled with providing a warm, loving, restful home which I love to do but after school we are all scattered. Why do we get busy in the colder months? I would much rather stay at home in the evenings and eat hearty casseroles and snuggle up in pj's with the family and play board games. It seems the older my children get the less time we spend together. I don't like it.

My eldest has a female companion now, I am not allowed to call her his girlfriend, they 'aren't going out'. Could have fooled me. So of course they spend a lot of time together and he works on weekends.

My home bod child has decided to take up taekwondo which is great but I miss him two nights a week. He is my buddy. Number three child and I do music together but in different groups. At least I have him to myself for an hour in the car. We have great chats and we are going to spoil ourselves one music night and go to Mac Donald's for dinner after class.

Little one does tap on the weekend but she gets left behind at home with either one of the bigger two until Dad gets home from work. He then baths and feeds her and tucks her in. They are getting some special time together. She reads to him at bed time.

Well that's a run down on our lives. Busy, busy, busy. I will have to get some little projects ready in bags to grab while running out the door or I will never get any crafting done. If anyone out there would like to craft once a week or fortnight, I think I need to join you..........lol

I know my kids love what they are doing and I really don't mind running them around. I am very proud of their achievements, what I am sad about is, there never seems to be any family time now. Oh Summer, where have you gone?????????


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