Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dilly Dally at Entally

Today my friend and I took our daughters on a girls day out to the picturesque Entally House. The entrance is just so peaceful and I could imagine us driving up to the homestead in our full gowns in a horse and buggy.

We started with a picnic before entering the house. On the way across the lush green grass the girls spotted a toadstool or two and decided the faeries were preparing for a party tonight.

Unfortunately camera's aren't allowed in the house but I can tell you it was like stepping back in time. The house was built for Thomas Reibey ii. He was the eldest son of Mary and Thomas Reibey who married in 1794 and they traded in Sydney, with India, China and around the Pacific and of course to Launceston or Van Diemen's Land as it was known back then.
Mary was actually brought to Australia as a convict. At the age of 14 dressed as a man she was caught stealing a horse. After her sentence she met Thomas. Mary was one of the original 5 shareholders of the Bank of NSW which is now Westpac and she appears on the Aussie twenty dollar note.
It was all so interesting. I won't go on and on though. After touring the house, we ventured out to the gardens. Just breathtaking and with the onset of Autumn, the colours were awesome.

There were also horse buggies and carriages in the barns. There was a wash room, tool shed and blacksmith shed.
The girls had a ball and they amazed me at how interested they were in the history. Little one can't wait for show and tell this week and wants me to print off the photos for her to take to school. It was a lovely day, so relaxing, and we all took our time to dilly dally about. It was such a joy to spend leisure time with the girls and my buddy. Just what she needed.


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