Wednesday, June 25, 2008


It has been a whole two months since I last blogged. I am still not sure about this. It is much easier to journal with pen and paper I think. I like to blog though to share projects I have done. I really enjoy reading other blogs. What a time waster they A great time waster though. Well any way I would like to share a picture of a Waldorf inspired doll I made with the very generous help from Jenny. (littlejennywren) Pop over to her blog if you have not visited her before. Thanks Jenny for teaching me, and the other ladies, how to make these dolls.

I am now making two knotted dolls with the same Waldorf style for my cousins twins. They were born on the 19th June. Mum has tried for 10yrs to have a baby. IVF failed a few times and this was her last attempt. She and hubby were blessed with a boy and girl. Two little angels. I will post a pic when I have permission to do so from my cousin. This is a practise one I made.

Lastly, I gave the old digital to little one to play with. Of course she filled the memory card but she took some nice pics too. These are the ones she wanted to blog.

Things to do in the holidays when it is raining.................Make a dolls house. If you look carefully she 'borrowed' a couple of pieces from my dolls house...........................

Exploring.....great shots Charlie

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