Thursday, July 3, 2008

Weekly visits

I am thinking I may just do a weekly blog as these days I am just too busy to sit at the computer to write, this week being no exception.

Monday I was busy playing nurse to two sick children

Tuesday I was busy grocery shopping and fixing a school problem

Wednesday I was nurse again

Today was quite pleasurable. I met Jenny for a cuppa in the morning. The whole point of our meeting was missed but that is ok because it was nice to just sit and chat. We chatted for 2 1/2 Thanks Jenny. A most enjoyable morning. I then was spoilt even more by parting ways with Jenny to meet my lovely husband for lunch. Great food, company and conversation. He returned to work and I spent some money. Oh dear. Never mind.

Tomorrow I hope to get another knot doll finished as I am going to see the twins on Sunday.
This one is for Fraser.

Right now I have four miserable children drinking hot chocolate and snuggled under fleecy blankets sniffling and coughing. So I think chicken noodle soup and scones might be a favourite tonight for dinner. I know they won't feel like vegies so I won't even bother trying. Either soup or eggs on toast.


1 comment:

Rose said...

Hi sweetie,

Hope everyone is feeling better, there are so many nasties "going round" lately. Soup and scones sound yummmmm!!
Big hugs xxx