Monday, November 24, 2008


Well I am back. These are the gifts I received at the Tassie Bloggers day at Ross on Saturday.

Little gift bag from Jo

Little gift from Hugs and Kisses

Secret Santa. I picked well. I love these colours.

On a different note. I made the owl below for a little girl I play flute with. Miss Kaitlin. She is a wonderful young person with heaps of personality and very gifted. I made the owl for her for Christmas to say thank you for being a hoot during flute............

It is from "Handmade" (vol 25 no. 8) designer, Annalisse Wakenshaw. Now of course my daughter has seen it so I have to make her one too. That's ok though because it was fun to make.


P.S Thank you to those who have commented in past posts. I am still so new at this I forget to say thanks.


Isabella said...

Hi Jules,
was great to meet you too I was sitting next to Rose just so you know who I am lol,
I just loved the day and I also really loved your doll, Did you make her dress her or both?? I'm i just love to stitchNo2 my email addy is on there if you want to reply that way.

Pauline said...

Hey Jules....
so glad you girls all had fun in Ross.....wish I was there...ah maybe next time. Love the blog...keep up the good work....

Rose said...

"hoot during flute", u crack me up!!! lol Thanks for the wonderful day, hope Kerries mouth is feeling better and year, can we have Maccas for breakfast mum??? lol

Sarah said...

Hey Jules!!
It was great meeting you! And, thankyou for sharing your gorgeous dolly - I had never seen them before!!
x Sarah
PS: Love the owl