Saturday, November 29, 2008

Three hours

Is three hours too long to spend in one shop????? I think not. Not when it is Calico Crossroads that's for sure.

Kerrie picked me up this morning and we headed out to Pauline's shop. Pauline made us a lovely cup of tea and that was it. We were there to stay. I think we covered every inch of that place. While we were there who should pop in but Sarah and Roseanne whom we met only last week at the bloggers get together. It was nice to catch up with them.

This is what I bought

I should have taken a pic of Kerrie's purchases too but I forgot. We then came back to my place and sewed all afternoon. We were joined later by the rest of Kerrie's family and had home made piazza's for dinner. The kids had a good play and are all now tucked up in bed, which is where I am heading. What a great day. Thanks Pauline.


Pauline said...

My pleasure Jules, Loved the company..

Isabella said...

Hi Jules, Paulene is a real draw card to her store I have been a few times Pauleen only knows of two first couple of times I did not say who I was, I took my friends now they say they prefer paulenes shop to another one they all go to I just wish we lived closer.
It was a ball at Ross, I rather like your purchases.
Blessings Isabella

Kerry said...

Of course three hours is not too long in a shop. Especially not a patchwork shop. It's nice to share the experience with friends too.

Kathy said...

Hi Jules,
Nice purchases! Was great to meet you at Ross. Just loved the bag you showed us, it was beautiful!!!
... and your dear little owl in your last post is such a sweety :-)
Kathy :oD

Sarah said...

Gotta love rusty stuff and wire hangers!! love your purchases!! It was great seeing both you and Kerry again, popped into Lonnie today and bumped into Kerry again at the checkout at Kmart lol!! I tried to send you an email Jules, but you are set up as 'no reply' - was going to show you the quilt finished.
x Sarah