Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The tree is up!!!!!

Well I did it. I got the Christmas tree up on the 1st of December. I burst a couple of bubbles with the kids because they weren't here but they got over it. They still hung their own named decorations up. We don't have an angel for the top yet because we are waiting on little one's angel she made at school. It is hanging in the 'Faraway tree' in her class. I was waiting on the angel before I posted a pic but I found out last night that the angel comes home on the last day of school.
These are a couple of dolls I made last year and the santas were painted years ago but they come out every year. This year though I decided to group them together under the tree and they look much better. Kerrie I think you have converted me.


Rose said...

Those painted snowmen have always been my favorite of all your folk art....feels like Xmas now Ive seen them again!!

Sarah said...

Looks lovely Jules!!
x sarah