Monday, December 8, 2008

Oh it's addictive!

Well I have the bug now. I have decorated the house in my taste of Christmas. Not over the top but way more than I usually do which was just a tree and a couple of decorations under it.

I made this wreath over the weekend. Of course Kerrie and I went to Calico Cross Roads to buy more items. I bought the bells for my wreath. I made the little plum puddings which are so quick and easy. The wreath is made from a weed which grows in the bush over the gum trees and kills them, so hopefully I have saved a tree.


Jo in Tas said...

It's gorgeous! You've done a lovely job :-)

keslyn said...

Hi Jules,
great to meet you on Saturday, pity we weren't able to chat for a while but I was so busy ironing and teaching didn't have much time for anything else, love your wreath, I haven't even given Christmas a thought.
Maybe next time I visit Tassie we can catch up some more then.

Catherine said...

I love your wreath!! Cathy

Sarah said...

Yur wreath looks fantastic Jules!! Well done!! You know I have not put a single Xmassy thing up yet...... been too busy working on LOTS of Xmas gifts
x Sarah