Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The ugly side of quilts

Now I have decided to share this quilt top with you but you need to know why I think it is ugly. I had never pieced before so I decided to join the 'quilt along' that the lovely Amandajean was running. Since I had to follow her fantastic instructions alone, I thought I would use all my old fabrics incase I mucked up. I actually didn't do a bad job but now I have an ugly quilt...............lol. I have decided to finish it anyway. It will be a project for after Christmas and it may have to visit a lady down the river for quilting....................I am going to do another pieced quilt in nice new fabrics. My tastes have changed which is why I didn't mind using my old fabrics to muck around with.


Jo in Tas said...

I actually think it looks okay, you've done a good job.

Rose said...

Thats not ugly sweetie!! I think it looks great, real warm and cosy looking!! You should be so proud of your achievement.
Hugs xxx

Catherine said...

I agree with Rose! I think it looks like a nice cuddly winter quilt..ideal for snuggling up in and watching tele!! Cathy

Sarah said...

Yeah, I agree as well Jules!! It does look snuggly... is this the one you were telling me about?? I actually dont mind it!!
x sarah