Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I am no good with titles

I have trouble thinking of a title so I am not having one today.

Sarah invited me to have a look at her quilt top she made at Kerry's workshop, at Calico Cross Roads today. Little one and I headed up there together and had a look around before Sarah and Rosanne arrived. Sarah the quilt top is gorgeous. Well done. Little one and I had a lovely morning with Pauline and the girls. Thanks Pauline for allowing us to loiter in your shop.

I made a sock monkey last night and my 17yo boy loved him. He thought the monkey was so cool. My second eldest and I decided to give it to Mr 17 because he always misses out on my home made items. While he was staying over at a mates house, I sat monkey on his bed with old faithful Ted. They appeared to hit it off straight away. I got big hugs and kisses from Mr 17. He is wrapped with him. He is still thinking of a name for Monkey. He is leaning toward Buddy. I think that is a great name.

Kristine Howard has a fantastic tutorial on how these little fellows come together. Give them a try, they are addictive.



Rose said...

"Buddy" sounds perfect!! How cute is he?? I always love your softies and dolls, they have so much character. You have a talent hun......hmmmmm maybe, this year, I can encourage you to explore this further!!!!
Hugs xxx

Kathy said...

Wow - he's gorgeous. Mr17 must be stoked! Think I may have to make a few of these too.
Hope you're enjoying the holidays!Kathy

Sarah said...

Hey Jules! Thanx so much for your comments!! I hope to get started on it soon!!
Your sock Money does look great, might have to have a go myself :o)
x sarah