Monday, January 19, 2009

I love holidays

I haven't blogged for ages but have been reading everyone Else's. I have been relaxing with the kids so I haven't done much sewing at all.

I have made this though

The red corduroy actually looks really funky with the inside fabric. Of course little one inherited this one. I am going to make Cam one from blue corduroy and boy fabric.

Then I made these;

I also made this 17 years ago but no one told me that if you fed it, it would grow and become independent............................

Oh my gosh! My big boy is all grown up. He got his P's last Friday. I don't feel old I just feel redundant. He gives me a kiss when he says goodbye and drives out the drive way all by himself. Well done little man. Of course the cake was made by Stevie the cake artist.
Til next time


Rose said...

Well I feel old!!! Just seems like yesterday Sean was playing with cars, now he's driving them!!! Congratulations mate and be careful on the roads, your a precious soul!!!
And if your dad gives u a hard time about driving, come see me and Ill fill u in on when he first got his licence!!! Lol kidding!! Great sewing hun, love the softies!!
Hugs xxx

Sarah said...

WOW!! He DID get his license!! Congrats!
Those pencil rolls are great aren't they!!
x Sarah