Monday, February 16, 2009

Block one

I have finished the stitching and applique on the first block of Breast of Friends. I had hoped to have the border done today but ended up being out all day.

And this little fellow popped in to say hi, so we rescued him and placed him on the roses. Isn't he cute.
That's it today


Rose said...

Great job hun, the block looks gorgeous!! Cute little friend u got in the roses!!
Hugs xxx

Jo in TAS said...

I must make a start on those blocks, it looks like it'll be a great quilt to do and most of my favourites designers too!

Sarah said...

WOW!! Your blog looks fantastic Jules!! You are a head of me :+( lol
x Sarah

MissyMack said...

Hi Jules!
I read on Lynette Andersons blog that you are doing the "Breast of Friends." I am doing it too, so thought I would pop over and have a look. Your first blocks looks absolutely lovely!! Such pretty colours. :)
Look forward to seeing your next blocks.