Sunday, April 5, 2009

another finish

Kerrie and I went to Rose's yesterday for our 'nearly' monthly get together. A day of stitching, sewing, chatting, laughing.
Kerrie finished two more of her Gardner's journal stitcheries, Rose................hmmmm, poor Rose I don't think she got much done because she was helping me and making tea and coffee.............No i saw her stitching something???????? hehehe.
And I finished my baby quilt that I started months ago. Luckily it is for a cot and the baby it is for is only 4 months old, so it can still be used.

I washed it and now it is all puffed up and snuggly.
I was going to start my 5th block for BOF but I wasted too much time trying to add things to my computer. Now I have a headache. I thought computers were supposed to make life easier?????????



Roseanne said...
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Roseanne said...

Jules: That baby quilt is so lovely and the stitchery are so sweet. Lucky little baby.Sorry I had to remove my other comment as there was some spelling mastake

Rose said...

I did stitch a little......i just enjoyed the company, the conversation and watching you girls work!!!lol
It looks great hun, you have done a fantastic job and Im sure the quilt will be well loved!! Great finish!!

Lulu said...

Lovely. I really like the puppy embroidery.

Pauline said...

the cot quilt is so cute jules, Love the stitcheries...

Sarah said...

Cute quilt jules, lovely 'girly' stitcheries!! I bet it will be cherished! Your quilting looks great... and so does your Ark!!
x Sarah