Monday, April 13, 2009

productive day

Today hubby built a bridge and garden between the two garages. We bought two black pots to add to the rocks as well. i took the photo at night so it looks a little dark. It turned out rather lovely though I think.

And what happens to the scraps of timber that lay about during bridge building??????

A little girl grabs a hammer and some nails to build a house............

She had a ball and finished off a lovely little house.

While we were busy gardening and building, number three son planted his own garden. He did a great job.

So it was a busy day. I also cleaned up the patio area and moved the pot plants around. Tomorrow we are going to plant the bulbs.


Rose said...

That looks realy great hun!! Does that mean the fence is gone or am I looking at the pic wrong?? Love what the kids have been up too....hope you all had a fantastic Easter!!
Hugs xxx

MissyMack said...

A fantastic productive day! Looks like you all had alot of fun! :D

Sarah said...

Looks great Jules! A very productive day all round
x Sarah