Thursday, April 23, 2009

Well after being together for 5hrs, Rose and I were kicking ourselves for not taking the camera to Pauline's , Calico Crossroads, for happy snaps and for not taking snaps at my place crafting.............not that we did much...................mostly chatted all day...............hehehehe.

So I took some shots of the items I bought at Pauline's. Some ric rac and braid, just because I love collecting them....................some fabric for tiny baby quilts and a lizard for Cam's garden. I tell you, there is something new to look at every time I go to Paulines store. I love that place. I had a really good poke around today while Rose and Pauline did boring

And Rose let me pick a pattern too. I really like bags. I am bag crazy. So one day I will make this one but it will be even more special because it is from Rose. Rose's patterns are at Calico Crossroads in Exeter.

Well that was our day. I just thought I would share as I haven't blogged for a while. I am in the middle of making a dance costume. Will show when it is finished.



Rose said...

You know I think its the country air, makes u wanna sit back and relax!!! But I did stitch half a table leg lol!! Kicking myself I didnt buy that coffee mug at Paulines, I could have brought a plain one to match and painted my own saying!!! LOL
Enjoy the pattern hun! I enjoyed my day!!
Hugs xxx

Pauline said...

We did the boring stuff????? ha ha we so did not!! Was nice to see you both..cheers

Sarah said...

Great to hear you all had a great time! I have not been over to Pauline's for SO LONG!! I cant wait to see your bag made up.....
x Sarah