Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's a first

My little Charlie is doing her first Tap solo in June and I made her costume for her. The dance teacher who has been teaching for years, loves the yo-yo's. She has never seen them before. I bought a pattern off ebay but ended up totally changing it. It looks nothing like the I needed to decorate it and decided on yo-yo's. I must say I am pleased with it and Charlie just loves it.
Jo.........I didn't muck it



Sarah said...

Oh Jules.... it is just SO adorable! You did an amazing job - no wonder Charlie love it! Is this your first ever costume did you say?? Bet there will be many more now lol
x sarah

Jo in TAS said...

Fantastic job Jules! I love it, it's sooo cute. Bet Charlie will feel like a star when she steps out on the stage. Go Charlie!! Dazzle them!!!

Lulu said...

When they love what you make, it's worth the time.

Rose said...

Oh it is soooooo cute!! Charlie will look and feel amazing! Tell her I want to see it on when I come on Saturday!
Hugs xxx

Catherine said...

How cool...reminds me of my youth...Launceston Dancing Comps...Im sure Charlie will look gorgeous and sparkly up on that stage!! Well Done Mum, Cathy