Friday, May 22, 2009

Old things so beautiful

Sorry this is an image heavy post but I had to share. My mother has been in NSW for a month helping to settle her 86 yr old sister into a nursing home. Aunty Jean knows I love old things like doily's, depression glass, Carlton wear etc, so she sent some things home with mum for me.

The following pictures are of the Pears Cyclopedia 1932 edition. It is such a good read. It has so much in it pre 1932. The sections in it are:

1 Dictionary of events - these are dates from 2234 bc - 1932 of 'important happenings' it says even though it doesn't mention the settlement of

2 Dictionary of prominent people

3 Office compendium

4 Gazetteer of the world

5 Atlas of the world

6 Synonyms and Antonyms

7 Dictionary of Business

8 General information

9 Classical Mythology

10 Students Compendium

11 Wireless

12 The toilet (very funny and interesting toiletry type information)

13 Cookery



16Sports and pastimes

17Poultry and cage birds

18Domestic pets

19Ready reckoner(?) haven't looked at that yet.

The book belonged to my Aunty's father inlaw first. It is very English.

The rest of the pics are of doily's embroidered and crocheted by my aunty and other relatives many years ago when they were all starting out in their marriages.

this is a pic of some crockery and buttons

And this pic is of milk bottle and cream jar covers

Can't you just imagine my aunty's sitting together stitching and crocheting away happily, chatting about their daily happenings in 1942 ( thats the year my aunty was married)
This picture is of two crocheted baby bibs my aunty made her boys to wear when they were going to town or out on special occasions. They are just gorgeous. The photo doesn't do them justice.


Jo in TAS said...

You lucky girl! They're all so precious!!!

Lulu said...

*gasp*, how lucky are you! I'm so jealous of those doilies.

Rose said...

They r gorgeous sweetie and have found a loving home with you! Cant wait to see them all, love the bibs and the doilies!
Hugs xxx

Fiona said...

I am green with envy - It is all so lovely.

Hugs - Fiona

Sarah said...

WOW you lucky gal! LOVE those doileys... amazing work!
x Sarah
PS: I am looking forward to seeing the 'ugly quilt' finished :+)

clare's craftroom said...

Wow ! Lucky you ! All that amazing stuff .