Friday, May 29, 2009

The ugly duckling

Is really ............. a beautiful quilt.
Remember the ugly quilt?
Here it is all quilted. For a closer look at the quilting you can pop over to Rose's blog to see. Rose quilted it for me. Precious pup she is. She did a fantastic job. Thank you Rose.
It is my mothers 70th Birthday Party tomorrow night and my son Stevie made her birthday cake for her. He has done a wonderful job. He is so clever. This is the first cake he has ever decorated. I can just hear my mum though.........Nooooooo don't cut it!!!! lol.
The photo doesn't do it justice. The white icing is draped over the cake to look like a bouquet of flowers. It is a chocolate cake underneath. Steven made that too.
P.S Jo he still hasn't taken those lego photo's.


Rose said...

Oh I love the cake, u did such a fantastic job sweetie!!! (Can I book u for an upcoming wedding?? lol kidding!!)
Happy 70th Birthday Mum, hope you enjoy your day and your party and I know your gunna love your quilt, its gorgeous!!
Hugs xxx

Sarah said...

Your Ugly Ducking quilt is defiantly the Swan Quilt!! Looks just gorgeous Jules!! Bet it will be hard giving it away! Happy Birthday to your Mum xx
x Sarah
Oh and that cake...... first one he has ever done - WOW it looks just amazing!!

Jo in TAS said...

That's okay Jules as he has obviously more creative things to do, the cake is a work of art!! Your quilt has turned out beautifully! Happy Birthday to your Mum :-)

Anne Ida said...

Did anyone actually cut into that cake? It looks so gorgeous, I don't think I'd have the heart to put a knife to it!

The sampler quilt turned out fabulous, Jules! Both you and Rose did a wonderful job. I'm sure your Mum was thrilled!