Thursday, June 18, 2009

Annie's arrived

Marcel over at Aunt Pitty Pats held an Annie swap.

My swap partner Jillian received her Annie this week and today I received mine. She is so cute. Jillian also sent me a pattern, fabric and a card. Thank you Jillian for finding the time to create my Annie. I hope your girls are both well now.

Jillian's Annie to me

My Annie to Jillian



Jo in TAS said...

They're both cute! I've loved seeing everone's finished annies.

Rose said...

You know I love your Annie, she is gorgeous!!! Jillian has done a wonderful job with hers as well, lucky u thats a great swap!!
Hugs xxx

Sarah said...

SO cute Jules - both of them! Sounds like a great swap!
x Sarah

Pauline said...

wow julie, both very cute..either one would be a nice gift. cheers