Thursday, July 17, 2008

'A Family who knits together, stays together'

I had three children tucked up in my bed this morning with the sniffles. They are all on the mend now though. It was an awful day here today so I just let the kids veg out. I took this photo of them each doing their own style of knitting. Garter stitch, Finger knitting and French knitting. So cute.

I have also been looking after my friends family pets while they are away on holidays. There are 13 of them...............pets that is. A Dad, a Mum and 11 babies. They are all rats............. Yes rats. The babies arrived here not walking and with eyes closed. 1 week on they are scuttling around very busy, wearing mother Magie out eating constantly. They are quite amazing to watch. My children have lost interest in them as they prefer an animal that likes to sit on your lap or shoulder. The rats are too busy and just run away.

The babies

A very tired Mummy

Dad looks on

Our pets




And of course there are the girls and bless their feathers one has started laying again........But I don't have any photos of them on my computer.


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