Monday, July 21, 2008


We couldn't get moving this morning due to a very icy morning. We managed to stagger out of bed and do our daily jobs, then off to work and school. I still had one home today with this awful cold. I think he will be fine tomorrow although it's his cross country and I don't think he will be competing, especially if the wind is as icy as it was today.

Well I must admit I have come to the end of my tether. Today I felt house bound and weary. I really feel for the kids being sick but I think we are at the other end of the tunnel. I was so cranky and down today I took time out to sew. I haven't sewn anything for months. This little bag is a pattern from a bag ladies group I am in.

It was just the thing to pick me up. It was quick and easy and I love it.

These three little bunny's are for three of my children. I enjoyed knitting these. I finished the last one about a week ago. I knitted them at night as my escape time. Now my 16 yr old boy wants one in the Sydney Swans colours. I will start that one when I am feeling a little less stressed.


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Rose said...

Hope your having a better week so far sweetie!!
Hugs xxx